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SAS Tournament Rules

SAS Tournament Rules

SAS Conduct Code of Ethics

SAS Basketball Officials Form

Grade Divisions:
2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade.

Competition Levels: Division1 (D1) Division 2 (D2) Division 3 (D3)


D1 = Elite (select elite athletes, large area club teams, national teams)

D2 = Intermediate (medium area club teams, large school teams)

D3 = Novice (small area club teams, small school teams, recreational teams)

All Coaches, Team coordinators should have players birth certificates and or proof of grade with them at time of play. In the event of a protest, you must be able to provide proof of age/grade at the event.

National Federation of State High School Association Rules Apply

High School Girl Rules Apply for Girls, High School Boy Rules Apply for Boys
(Exceptions) These exceptions apply for both Boys and Girls.

  • Ball size. Girls - 28.5 Boys 2nd thru 6th - 28.5 Boys 7th thru 12th Men's Regulation Size
  • Jersey color. It is not mandatory that all teams have (2) color jerseys. (light and dark) However, it is highly recommended to avoid teams wearing the same color at the same time. When possible the home team will wear light, and visitors wear dark. Coaches should work this out diplomatically before game time.
  • No shot clock. 10 second back court violation.
  • Press Rule

For 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade:

Teams ahead by 20 points or more at any point in the second half must play defense behind their three-point arc. First offense: Warning, Second and all additional offenses: 2 shot technical.

For 5th grade and older:

Teams ahead by 30 points or more at any point in the second half must play defense behind their three-point arc. First offense: Warning, Second and all additional offenses: 2 shot technical.

  • On all free throws, players shall enter lane on release of ball.
  • Technical fouls results in (2) shots and the ball.
  • No jewelry, plastic bracelets, ear rings, etc...shall be worn by players.
  • Team may start game with 4 players.
  • (2) 20 minute halves. Last 2 minutes of each half is stop clock.
  • Time outs. 2 per half, (1) carry over to 2nd half.
  • Tie breaker determined by, #1 Head to Head, #2 points (max. 15 points per game) #3 total points #4 points allowed.
  • Running clock in 2nd half only if 20 point differential.
  • Overtime: 2 minutes
  • Protest requires $100.00 cash at the time of the protest.
  • Any team that does not show up for any scheduled game, will be financially responsible for each game missed. ($100.00)
  • Game time is game time. (exception) If a team shows up 10 minutes late, the opposing team has the decision on claiming a victory by forfeit or playing the game with an adjustment to the clock. If a team is more than 10 minutes late, the game is a forfeit. In addition, the game may start earlier than scheduled time, only if both coaches agree to start early.
  • There maybe unforeseen circumstances that may require site director to make changes concerning the manner in which the clock is being run. Once it has been determined to be back on time, normal clock may continue.

Sac Area Sports Disruptive Threatening Behavior / Fighting Policy

Any abuse of officials is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Head Coach is ultimately responsible for the actions of their team. (assistant coaches, athletes, team members, parents, guardians and family members). Any inappropriate behavior from any of the above listed persons could lead to adverse action against the team including forfeiting of the game. Absolutely no profanity from spectators, players or coaches allowed. Any spectator causing a problem shall be asked to leave the gym by lead official, Site Director or Event Director. (away from any entrance of gym) Lead Official, Site Director and Event Director have the right to ask any person to leave the gym site. If that person does not leave immediately, 911 shall be called. That spectator shall be allowed back to future games. Any player or coach involved in fighting, spitting, threatening or provoking behavior towards any person, on or off the court, during a Sac Area Sports Event, shall be suspended for all remaining games and shall not be allowed to participate in the following tournament. Any spectator involved in fighting (physical contact with another), spitting, or provoking or threatening behavior towards another person during a Sac Area Sports Event, shall not be allowed in or around any gym of the event being held. In addition this person shall not be allowed back to future events until Event Director allows.

Admission (All Day) General $11.00 Youth 6-14 $6.00 5U Free

Note: $1.00 service fee added to each electronic payment, Venmo, Cashapp, Apple Pay, Credit Card

Awards Award information will be marked on schedule.

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